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Pasadena may be known all over the United States for hosting the annual Rose Bowl football game, but there is much more to the wonderful city of Pasadena than that. Currently just over 137,000 people call Pasadena home. It is not a very large city. It is only roughly 23 square miles.

The weather in Pasadena can vary. In the Summer it gets a little warm. The average high temperature in the middle of August can reach as high as the upper 90s, with lows dropping down to a mild 65 or so. Winters if you could call them that are very mild. The average low temperature in the Winter rarely dips below 45 degrees.

It really only rains about 6 months out of the year. From May until September there is little to no rain. This makes the Summers in Pasadena rather hot. The rainy season starts in October with just an inch or so of rain, and it continues until around April. February is when the most rain falls. The average rainfall in the month of February is just over five inches.

The county of Los Angeles offers a flood and erosion guide for all homeowners in the area. This guide is full of tips that can help everyone prevent any type of water damage to their homes
Water Damage Restoration

There are plenty of other things that can cause water damage as well. You could be at work one day, and come home to find a flooded house due to a pipe breaking, or a hot water heater problem. There is water everywhere, and you forgot your life jacket. How in the world are you going to get rid of all that water before it causes any sort of permanent water damage.

Mold Removal

All of that extra water can cause dangerous mold to grow in your house. CitrusFresh specializes in mold removal and remediation.

Sewage Cleanup

Excess water from flood and rain can cause sewage pipes to back up, and these sewage backups can cause irreversible sewage damage. At CitrusFresh, sewage cleanup is our specialty.

That is where CitrusFresh can help. We are the areas leading restoration company. What may seem like an impossible water damage situation to you is an everyday occurrence to us. Knowing the best ways to remove the water and dry things out will help to prevent the growth of mold, mildew, or bacteria. The longer you wait, the worse things are going to get. Don’t wait until you are up to your neck in water. Call us today, and get a free quote. We know that water damage can happen at anytime, and that is why we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us today at, 1-888-446-7146.

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