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If there is one thing that the city of Burbank, California has that no other place in the world has, it would have to be the huge amount of media that is created in the City. Burbank has been given the nickname of “Media Capitol of the World” because it is home to so many media creation companies.

ABC, Walt Disney, Nickelodeon, NBC, and Warner Bros are just a few of the big names that have planted roots in the city of Burbank.

Over 100,000 people call the city of Burbank home, and they all share the same space of roughly 17 square miles.

The weather in Burbank is excellent and it rarely gets over 90 degrees. The Winters in Burbank are mild as well and the average temperature ranges from the lower 40s, to the upper 60s.

When the heat gets turned up in the Summer, there is little to no rain to help cool things off. Like much of Southwest California, the rainy season does not start until later in the year. When February rolls around is when the showers start falling.

The small amount of rainfall has forced the city of Burbank to create strict water management plans that help identify the reliability and conservation of water in the area.

Water Damage Restoration

With all of those people living in such a small area there are bound to be accidents that happen. Imagine waking up first thing in the morning. You open your eyes, and roll out of bed. You go to put your slippers on your feet touch, and your feet plunge into a nice cold puddle. While you were peacefully sleeping a pipe burst in your bathroom, and now your entire room is sitting beneath several inches of water. You need help, and you need it fast.

Mold Removal

If your home or place of business has had any type of water damage, then it might also have mold. Getting rid of the mold is a top priority, and mold removal should only be handled by an experienced professional. It can cause health problems.

Sewage Damage

This can be even worse than mold damage. Raw sewage leaking into a house or yard is a major health hazard. This can be caused by water main breaks, or sewage backups. Regardless of the cause, this type of problem must be taken care of immediately.

Here at CitrusFresh we are ready to help you anytime of the day or night. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we can be at your location in 60 minutes or less. This is extremely important. The longer the worse the problem will become. Call us today!

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