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If you are looking for 21 miles of the best beach in the world, then Malibu is the right place for you. Malibu is known all over the world for just one thing, the beach. Not a day goes by when you can’t see loads of people enjoying everything that Malibu Beach has to offer. There are people soaking up some sun, surfing, swimming, fishing, or just taking it easy while napping under the warm sun. When some of the 12,000 residents of Malibu are not enjoying the wonderful beaches, they are enjoying some of the wonderful mountains and valleys that surround the beach.

The combination of cool air coming off of the Pacific Ocean, and the surrounding mountains makes for some really unique weather in Malibu. The mountain terrain is rather unstable, and the climate is really dry for most of the year. The entire area is often affected by the Santa Ana winds. This is a weather condition that exists only in this area. They are dry offshore winds that blow in during Autumn and Winter. These are yet just another reason why the area is so dry.

There is a rainy season in Malibu. It comes during the month of February when the average amount of rainfall is as much as five inches. This is just enough to create some really thick vegetation growth in the lower lying valleys, and it has been known to occasionally flood the area.The city of Malibu has installed flood control channels to help prevent water damage.

A good percentage of the people that live in Malibu, live along the world famous Pacific Coast Highway. Malibu may be a great beach town, but there are still common everyday problems that pop up. One of those problems is water damage.

Water Damage

Water damage can be a terrible thing to deal with because it can lead to other problems. That is when a water damage restoration company comes in handy. At CitrusFresh, we specialize in water damage repair, and all of the other things that go along with it.

Mold Removal

One of the most common side effects of water damage is mold. The excess water ends up becoming a breeding ground for mold. That is when mold removal services become necessary.

Sewage Damage Cleanup

Sewage line breaks can be the worst cause of mold and water damage. Not only does sewage smell terrible, but it is also a health hazard. It can lead to sewage related contamination which is something no one wants.

CitrusFresh is the best choice in water damage restoration companies. We not only know how to remove all of the water quickly, but we can also help if any water damage has occurred. Call us today at, 1-888-446-7146 and put your water damage troubles behind you

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