Draperies are often the finishing touches to a room or home. They come in a wide variety of delicate fabrics that can make a statement about your home and convey something about your taste and personal style. They require the extra special care provided by CitrusFresh drapery cleaning. Draperies can collect dust and odors while hanging in your home which can detract from their beauty and elegance. Having them cleaned is the best way to restore them to their original beauty. But the work involved in cleaning draperies can be difficult and even somewhat dangerous. This is why we recommend using professional cleaning services. Climbing up on ladders to remove or rehang layers of draperies, often in bulky and heavy materials can be difficult to manage. If not done by a trained professional, accidents can occur. Fabrics can become twisted and tangled causing the ladder or the person handling the drapes to fall. The draperies can also be torn during the removal or rehanging process. Using a qualified drapery cleaning service means you won’t have to personally deal with this nightmare. When you hire a professional to handle your window cover cleaning, they will come to your home, remove the sheers, draperies, valances and any soft shades. They will be carried to the cleaning facility where they will be handled gently and professionally using state of the art equipment. When they are finished, they will be returned to your home and rehung, layer by layer until they are back in place, fresh and clean. It is recommended that draperies be thoroughly cleaned in this fashion at least once every four years. By having your drapery cleaning done in this manner, you can extend the life of your drapes by years. The will look and smell fresh and make your home an inviting place.

CitrusFresh professional drapery and window covering cleaning techniques are above the rest. Drapery is a sensitive item that needs special care. There are so many different kinds of fabrics that can shrink or be damaged if the correct care is not taken. That is why we are here. Our drapery cleaning service is guaranteed to compliment the elegance and beauty of your home.

Drapery/Window Covering Services We Provide:

  • Professional State of the Art Machinery

  • FREE Estimates

  • FREE Pick-Up and Delivery

  • FREE Removal and Re-hanging

When you are ready to have your draperies cleaned, make sure the service you hire provides you with a free estimate, free take down and re-hanging service, pick-up and delivery service and that they use only the most modern equipment. When you hire CitrusFresh, you get all this and more. Call us today to arrange your free quote.

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