Your home has various types of flooring throughout its structure, each needing care and cleaning on a regular basis to keep them looking new and vibrant. The tile floors in your bathroom, the laminate in the kitchen and the hardwood floors in your foyer all need different types of care and cleaning.

Being a homeowner often means you need to be a jack-of-all-trades to maintain it and burden can get to be too much. Fortunately, when it comes to keeping your floors cleaned, there are experts who will do the job ion the less than half the time it would take you to do it. Hardwood and tile floor cleaning services are the homeowner’s best friend.

Hardwood floor cleaning is more involved than most people think. Water is not a friend to wood. It can seep between boards and cracks, saturating the wood. This can cause the wood t swell and contract. Over time, repeated applications of water can cause wood floors to break down and become dull. If your hardwood floors are not cleaned properly, the process can actually end up ruining your floors. It takes the proper equipment and the right training to clean a floor and bring back its luster without causing more damage.

Tile floor cleaning also has its challenges. There are many different materials used in tile floors, from vinyl to ceramic and everything in between. Each material is handled differently. Some tile has grout between the tiles while other flooring materials don’t use grout. Using the wrong solvents and cleaners can destroy the finish, leaving your floor dull and lifeless. Some cleaners can actually dry out the flooring, leaving it brittle and more prone to chipping and cracking. Leaving the tile floor cleaning to a professional is the wise choice.

Your home is important to you and that is why you should consider using hardwood and tile floor cleaning services to clean and bring out the shine in your flooring. CitrusFresh has been helping homeowners make the most of their flooring with trained technicians and top notch equipment for years. Why not call a trusted name when you are ready to have your floors cleaned?

When tile and wood flooring is properly cleaned they are the easiest of all floor surfaces to keep looking like new. Floors will look like new, year after year, with the correct care. Wood flooring and water just don’t mix. Water can seep between the boards and small scratches causing deterioration. That is why you can count on CitrusFresh professionals to clean them properly. CitrusFresh has the most professional trained technicians in tile flooring. We us the latest washers and/or polisher-scrubbers equipment. Our thorough cleaning process will brighten the tile and joints. Call us today to get your floors shiny and new again.

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