When it comes to pets, there is one thing you can say about them — they are unpredictable. Even the best trained pet can have an accident from time to time. Just let their owners be gone a little longer than usual and they might come home to find an accident or two. It really can’t be helped. So what can you do once you discover it? Get the help of professional odor and stain removal services.

The key to preventing a serious stain is to have it treated quickly. Left untreated, the chemicals in animal urine can saturate the carpet fibers, the padding and even the subflooring. Depending on the gender and age of the pet, the reproductive cycle it may be in, its diet, medications and a number of other factors, the contents of the urine can vary. Those variations can have an impact on how tough the stain is to treat. That’s why it’s best to ignore those store bought treatments that don’t really work and have your carpet treated professionally for pet stain removal.

Often your pet’s deposits on your carpet are not discovered until long after the incident has occurred. This means the urine has already dried and the full extent of the damage it can do has been wrought upon the carpet. The chemicals in the urine often affect the blue dyes in the fibers leaving the reds and yellows behind. The end result is an unsightly yellow, orange or reddish stain. Pet stain removal done by a trained carpet cleaning technician is really your only option.

Sometimes, just as disturbing as the stain itself is the odor left behind. Scrub and try as you might, that odor is almost impossible to erase. Pet odor removal can become the bane of your existence. Its presence makes your home less inviting for you and your guests. In order to deal with the problem effectively, you need professional pet odor removal services.

Citrus Fresh has been providing professional odor and stain removal services for many years. Their team of expert technicians can help restore your carpet’s freshness and beauty. Why not give CitrusFresh a call today?

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