Air ducts are like the lungs of your house and like living lungs, they can take in elements that can slow the performance of the system and be unhealthy for the occupants of a building or residence. The debris that collects within your air ducts builds up over time. It can lead to a number of problems relating to the efficient operation of your heating and air conditioning systems as well as being the cause of health-related issues. Air duct cleaning is the answer to these problems.

Without proper cleaning, an air duct conveyance system runs slower, is harder to maintain, and has a shorter lifespan.

Dirty air duct systems often contain:

  • Dirt, dust and dust mites

  • Pollen

  • Mold, mildew other fungi

  • Carpet fibers

  • Drywall dust and particles

  • Pet hair and dander

  • Insect remains

These contaminants can seriously affect your health
if it’s in your air ducts – it’s in your lungs!

You might be surprised to learn just what can get into your ductwork. Insect remains, drywall dust, pet hair and dander, dirt, dust and dust mites, pollen, mold, mildew and other fungi and carpet fibers are among the more commonly found things found inside air ducts. As time passes, these toxins can build up. The accumulation can make it difficult for air to flow freely through the ducts as it was intended to do. The blockages can force your furnace or air-conditioning unit to have to work harder. An air duct cleaning company can help you restore the efficiency to your system.

In addition to the inefficiency caused by debris in your air ducts, some of the items found there can lead to health issues. Some molds can cause serious illness. Pollen, pet hair and dander and dust mites can aggravate allergies and cause difficulties for those with asthma and other breathing issues. Air duct cleaning services can help remedy this situation.

An air duct cleaning company can access the entire system and remove the debris. They have the tools and technology to reach every inch of your system. In an industry that has frequent technological advances, it is imperative that any air duct cleaners stay up to date on methods and improved techniques.

The best way to eliminate that health risk is by inspecting and cleaning ducts regularly.

Citrus Fresh offers air duct cleaning and air duct purification services for homes and businesses.
Air duct purification will:

  • Significantly improve your indoor air quality

  • Remove allergens and bacteria

  • Ensure lower maintenance costs and a longer lifespan for your HVAC system

When you are ready to have your ductwork cleaned, seek out a company that requires its technicians to attend annual work-related seminars and to take continuing education in their field. CitrusFresh demands this of its staff and you can rest assured that when they visit your home, your air ducts will be clean and will provide you with the best possible air.

Our certified technicians are available 24/7 to professionally inspect, diagnose & clean the air ducts at your property.

HVAC Cleaning & Maintenance

HVAC system maintenance such as professional Air Duct Cleaning and sanitation, is considered a very effective indoor air pollution control method when performed as needed. We are trained and certified to operate professional HVAC cleaning equipment.

Our HVAC cleaning technicians are fully equipped with the latest air decontamination systems and numerous professional air duct agitators. Let us clean your air and leave your home or business with the best air possible !

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No job is too large or too small; we can handle what life throws your way.

In this industry and todays technology our technicians are required to take continous education training. Our office staff is also require to attend ongoing seminars. We are proud of the services we offer to our customers, our vast collection of specialty equipment and the employment opportunities we offer to the community. You can rest assured that with us you’re getting certified experts with knowledge in water damage, mold remediation, proper drying, delicate fabrics, carpet fibers and of course the most powerful equipment for heavy water removal and proper cleaning. We are proud of what we do and are always available for you!

We offer everything you need from carpet cleaning to water damage. We are one of the most experienced water restoration companies. We are recognized by all major insurance firms.

Why choose CitrusFresh?

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service- Residential or Commercial

  • On-site within 60 minutes for emergency services

  • Courteous, professional technicians trained on the latest equipment to assure that the job is completed properly and you are 100% satisfied

  • You will not speak to an answering service no matter what time day or night that you call

  • All appointments are met on time, and all problems are solved…Guaranteed!!!

  • Convenient appointments to fit your busy schedule – including Saturdays and Sundays

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  • No hidden charges

  • FREE estimates

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